Department of Radiology & Sonar

Creation date: 2017

Number of stages: 4 years

About Department

A graduate from the Department of Radiology and Sonar Techniques, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in medical technologies, is granted the title (medical radiologist and sonar technologist) as a job description, but after obtaining a master’s degree, he is granted the title of sonar radiography technologist.
Work in diagnostic radiography and sonography centers in health institutions.
Operating various radiography devices (x-rays), digital image display devices (CR), ultrasound diagnostic devices (sonar), computed tomography (ultrasound) and magnetic resonance imaging, and taking care of them under the supervision of a specialist radiologist.

That the radiology and sonar department is one of the leading and reference departments at the local and global level in the field of teaching, research and community service.

Entrepreneurship and distinction as a professional educational institution that works to qualify and graduate a highly qualified national manpower to support the labor market and to be a main source of applied research in support of the economic process and participation in social care.

The department should be able to provide advice in the field of radiation, diagnostic and therapeutic medical imaging for doctors, government and private hospitals, patients and the local community in Diyala and its surroundings.

The department’s graduates should be able to provide relevant medical services to all patients, sympathize with them and respect them without compromising their dignity.

Work to make the safety and security of the patient in the first place during radiography.

Teaching students the proper, safe and appropriate use of medical radiography techniques to achieve the greatest benefit for their patients.

Raise and develop the level of knowledge and skills of the department’s students and improve their professional and career path in radiology during their university studies at the college and after their graduation, through training and continuing education.

Graduating a professional and qualified cadre to work in radiology and medical imaging in governmental and private hospitals and various medical clinics.

Spreading knowledge and general culture in the field of radiology and medical imaging in the middle of the local community through holding exhibitions and public seminars and using various media.




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