Vision, mission and goals


  • That the college be distinguished and seek creativity and exemplary to contribute to improving the quality of education and scientific research in accordance with the highest university levels and according to the contexts and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


  • Excellence in teaching, scientific research and community service through educational programs linked to comprehensive development and graduating distinguished generations of students armed with science and fortified with the values of tolerance, acceptance of others and diversity in society.
  • Able to keep abreast of scientific and medical developments and face the developments of the times.

Teaching and Educational Goals

  1. The college aims to take care of university culture and scientific research, to raise good generations that bear the burdens to achieve the comprehensive benefit of society
  2. Completing the building of the student’s personality in an integrated manner to acquire knowledge, inclinations, and skills, and to develop the scientific career
  3. Developing innovative and training capabilities to use the scientific method of thinking to confront and solve scientific problems.
  4. Bringing about quantitative and qualitative developments in the medical, cultural and educational scientific movement and scientific research in various aspects of theoretical and applied knowledge.
  5. Achieving competitive education levels nationally and regionally
  6. Documenting scientific, cultural and research links with Iraqi, Arab and foreign scientific medical institutions and bodies in order to achieve the goals of the college
  7. Preparing scientific bodies in various medical specialties to serve development in Iraq.

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