Department of Forensic Techniques

Creation date: 2017

Number of stages: 4 years

About Department

Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences in Maysan, which is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, is proud to have created the Forensic Technology Department for the first time in Iraq as one of the Colleges of Medical Technology to provide our country with the experiences graduated from it by specialized professors with high experience to fill the deficiency in this field in state institutions. Note that it is one of the private medical technology departments included in the central appointment, risk allocations and postgraduate studies, as stipulated in Law No. 6 of 2000, which includes the inclusion of graduates of medical technical colleges in the central appointment.
Forensic evidence is referred to as “crime scene investigation” and is universally symbolized by CSI, which is an abbreviation of (crime scene investigation). This specialty is studied in the most prominent and sobriety international universities, in addition to the existence of international universities specialized in teaching forensic evidence only.

The Forensic Evidence Department adopts the concept of achieving justice in society through the use of scientific techniques

The recent disclosure of the biological and chemical evidence and proofs that require revealing the truth of the criminal event in order to convict or acquit those accused of breaking the law and harming the lives of others.

  • The Forensic Evidence Department seeks to prepare all academic capabilities for the number of students who achieve the department’s objectives from these capabilities:
  1. To provide a curriculum in line with the rapid scientific development in the modern era for the purpose of providing
  2. Students with knowledge that includes the latest scientific techniques
  3. Providing specialized professors with experience in their specialization who are competent in covering the curriculum
  4. And delivery to students as required.
  5. Equipping biological, chemical and medical laboratories with the latest equipment and supplies so that students can
  6. Conducting scientific experiments and gaining practical experience.
  7. Providing classrooms, a reference library and reading rooms to create an ideal study environment for students.
    Stimulating the field of scientific research, workshops, holding scientific conferences, and urging members of the body
  8. Teachers and students to conduct research and publish its results in solid international fields.

The main objective of the Forensic Evidence Department is to graduate competencies that possess knowledge of all the basics of medicine

Adli and the use of modern scientific techniques to study all the material effects of the crime that would give

Definitive proofs that reveal the truth about the criminal event in two main axes: biological technologies and which

Specifically includes DNA methylation. The techniques of advanced analytical chemistry made

It includes all methods of detection and analysis of toxins and drugs and their effect on the human body.




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