Department of Anesthesia

Creation date: 2018

Number of stages: 4 years

About Department

It is one of the modern departments that aims to graduate specialized cadres to work in the field of anesthesia techniques in operating theaters, as well as in intensive care and recovery units, where the graduate is given the title (medical technologist / anesthesia specialist) and works in the field of participation in anesthesia, clinical monitoring, operating devices and patient follow-up. In operating theaters, intensive care and recovery units.

– That his outputs be distinguished in theory and in practice by providing the best knowledge programs in the field of anesthesiology.
Focusing on the practical aspect of education, so that its outputs are leaders in the field of anesthesia.
Adopting creative and innovative ideas, projects and plans to improve the teaching of anesthesia techniques.
The department aspires to deepen the professional and trade union affiliation in its outputs

-Raise the quality of teaching anesthesia techniques to develop students’ skills and ensure access to knowledge by following and innovating the best methods and programs of study and teaching.
– Using the latest technology in training and practical application.
-Encouraging fourth stage students to promote graduation research and work on it being applied and of service to society.

Graduation of a medical technologist, anesthesia, distinguished scientifically, medically and professionally.
To graduate technicians who are morally and professionally committed to the level of practicing the profession and providing medical care, drawing from the true religion and national considerations.
– Developing the spirit of cooperation between the medical sector employees to serve the improvement of the level of medical services.
Scientifically capable cadres in the field of research and service to enrich technical education.
– Exchanging experiences with educational institutions in the same specialization inside and outside Iraq to enrich knowledge and professionalism.
Providing an educational model that accommodates all modern educational technologies.




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