About the college

About Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences

Based on the approval of the Council of Ministers in its thirty-fifth regular session held on September 6, 2017, the incorporation license was granted to Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences in its letter No. (291) on September 7, 2017.

And based on the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research its book No. 6760 dated September 28, 2017, which he considered a private scientific institution with a moral personality, financially and administratively independent, and with full legal capacity to achieve its goals.

Introduction to Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences

  • It is a private scientific institution based in the city of Amarah / Maysan Governorate with public benefit and has a moral personality and financial and administrative independence and is represented by the dean of the college or his representative. As stated in Article (1) of the college bylaw.
  • The college aims to contribute to the quantitative and qualitative development of the medical and educational scientific movement and scientific research in various aspects of theoretical and applied knowledge to meet the requirements of sustainable human development.
  • The college is interested in promoting a culture of respect for diversity and pluralism in the society of Iraq and Maysan in particular, and the college is working to find research axes that serve the community of Maysan Governorate. The college feels that there is an urgent need to encourage students to adopt the basics of understanding, not memorization, when studying the courses they register for.

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