Dept. of Artificial Kidney Technologies

Creation date: 2023

Number of stages: 4 years

About the department

The General Medical Department for the academic year 2023-2024 has been established to graduate medical personnel with the necessary, comprehensive, and specialized skills to work in kidney dialysis centers (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) for the treatment of patients suffering from acute and chronic kidney failure using dialysis machines.

The branch of artificial kidney, also known as dialysis, is one of the clinical medical branches that focuses on training students on how to perform the process of artificial kidney dialysis through a special device designed to replace the function of the natural kidney that has lost its ability to function properly. Dialysis is carried out using intravenous solutions prepared for the process of washing and purifying the blood from harmful waste, removing toxic substances and excess water, as well as dissolved materials and salts from the blood for individuals who are unable to perform such functions naturally, often referred to as chronic and acute kidney failure.

The department offers a 4-year academic program where students receive fundamental and specialized theoretical knowledge along with practical training to acquire the necessary skills for working in industrial kidney centers. Upon completion of the study requirements, the department awards a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Kidney Technologies.

The academic study period:

The duration of study at the college is four academic years, after which the student graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in industrial kidney technology, qualifying them to work in kidney dialysis centers within the health sector.

The academic curriculum:

The college follows an academic curriculum based on solid scientific principles that meet the requirements and needs of the community in the current situation. This curriculum qualifies the student and equips them with the clinical skills to work in hospital wards in general and specialized kidney centers in particular after graduation.

The academic system:

Course-based system Duration of study 4 years

The student is awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technologies upon completion of the study requirements, including a graduation project at the fourth level.

The core values:

  1. The college strives to be the leading center in serving the community by graduating students in the precise specialization field that meets the current market demand and contributes to solving common problems for kidney failure patients.
  2. Providing high-quality health services through conscious technical education that equips students with high skills during their theoretical and practical university studies.
  3. Achieving social communication and creating a spirit of constructive cooperation among specialized university health staff to provide nursing and therapeutic services for patients with a human and ethical dimension, according to the scientific approach followed by the college.
  4. Fostering creativity, excellence, and teamwork among students to elevate the academic level.
  5. Encouraging students to engage in scientific research.
  6. Enhancing the mental health and social support for kidney failure patients to complete the healing process.

Graduating medical staff with a high degree of skills and scientific competence, within the highest international standards, characterized by a team spirit to effectively contribute to the treatment of kidney failure patients and to provide health and medical services for kidney failure patients. During their study and practical training within the college and its specialized laboratories and dialysis centers, achieving the highest levels of scientific competence for graduate students qualified to work in hospitals in general and kidney dialysis units in particular.

The Department of Renal Technology strives to be a leader in Iraq in graduating qualified medical personnel to work in specialized centers in hospitals, specifically in dialysis centers, in order to provide the best high-tech therapeutic services for our beloved province and meet the current labor market demands.

  • Training competent staff to provide high-quality kidney dialysis services for kidney failure patients.
  • Provide kidney patients with comprehensive and optimal healthcare services.
  • Effective contribution in providing urological surgical services to kidney failure patients by involving them in surgical procedures.
  • Provide educational counseling services for kidney failure patients through informative seminars to reduce the spread of the disease and methods of prevention, including guidance on strict treatment regimens, regular medication intake, and adherence to a kidney failure diet.
  • Contribute effectively to the early detection of kidney failure patients using health screening for high-risk individuals by following the KDIGO Guidelines, a program to improve service for chronic kidney disease patients – KDIGO – Kidney Disease Improvement Global Outcomes.
  • Advanced professional training in line with the highest international standards to achieve high levels of expertise in the field of kidney dialysis.




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