Two professors at Al-Manara University obtain a patent

Prof. Dr. Faraj Muhammad Abdullah / President of Al-Manara University and Prof. Dr. Hamid Ghafouri Hassan / Department of Pharmacy, obtained a patent from the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, tagged: “A new drug from alpha-fucose sugar to treat damaged tissue and the extent of tumor response in laboratory rabbits.” , in collaboration with a group of professors from other Iraqi universities, Prof. Dr. Issam Fadel Alwan / from the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Life Technologies and Asst. Prof. Dr. Rezan Majeed Omar / Hawler Medical University / College of Dentistry
The patent summarized that fucose plays an important physiological role in the body, such as the process of cellular identification, cellular communication, protein stabilization, and immunity.
She explained that in view of the variables occurring in fucose metabolism, including its participation in the manufacture of glycoproteins, it becomes clear that it can be used as a vital guide in monitoring various diseases such as cancers, cellular infections, and diabetes.