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Owner’s Speech

Mr. Abid Hassan Al-Saadi, the founder of Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences

      We thank God and pray to His Messenger

According to the Council of Minsters approval in their meeting No. 35 on September 6, 2017, a license was guaranteed for the foundation of Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences according to Letter No. 291 on September 7, 2017, and according the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approval according to letter No. 6762 on September 28, 2017 in which the College was considered as a private scientific institution with financially and administratively independent individual characteristic; it has the full privilege to accomplish its goals, the college commences to fulfill its own vision in pioneering on the national and international level. The college also tends by and through its message to prepare qualified persons distinguished by creativity in medical sciences and to enrich the scientific creative research which is backed by the systematic study programs in order to serve the community and build up distinctive communal scholarships. We take into consideration the targets set by the college which are represented by the continuity of the developmental programs to promote the level of performances of the college staff members, the officials, and the technicians. These targets correspond with the following:

  • Fulfilling the efficiency of the admin system at the college
  • Using the most modern techniques in the education process
  • Fulfilling and providing the proper environment for the student at B.A. stage
  • Taking care of the outputs to cope with the market need.

Based on the scientific pal of the college to afford the future opportunities for our dear students and supply the community with well-qualified persons and to build a distinctive scientific construction the college has opened, since 2017-2018, the following departments:

  1. of Dentistry
  2. of Pharmacy
  3. of Pathological Analysis
  4. of Forensic Techniques
  5. of Radiology & Sonar
  6. of Anesthesia

This has been done after the preparations of all scientific and attendant necessities by the Departments, of which are the developmental modern labs, in addition to a set of distinguished staff members. The college, by and through its departments, tens to serve the society by the active participation in the Higher education and spreading science and knowledge to the most sectors of the society. We believe that the college is the proper medium to build up the student’s identity to be active in community.

     So far the certificate is concerned; it is equaled to all the certificates awarded by the state colleges. The certificate holder gains all the rights and privileges of the Iraqi universities certificates.

The college has started the students’ attendance in the departments in 2017-2018. The number of the students at the starting – day is 679 student’s, both male and female. The ;

The number of the staff members is 47. Their scientific tiles are within the range of (Prof., Asst. Prof., and Instruct. Asst. Instruct).In addition, there are officials and technicians.

     The college consists of constructions which facilitate the students’ needs concerning accommodation, food stuff and study. These constructions are:

  • The College Library which consists of a big bulk of academic references in various scientific fields. Are electronically programmed to facilitate the skill of reading and availability.
  • The Female-students’ Hostels in the campus, consisting of a large number of rooms accommodated with cooking stuff and reading facilities. These female hostels are supervised by female officials I the morning and in the evening so as to respond to the female students’ requirements.
  • For medications, there is an ambulance for emergency cases and a shop for the student’s needs, in addition to the network.
  • There is also a male hostel with comfortable accommodation, supervised by a morning supervisor and an evening supervisor as well. It has been starts ti build proper hotels with all their accommodations; they are nearby the college.

The college lies on the bank of the Tigris river amongst wide gardens with palm trees and various flowers. There are sitting place, restaurants, cafes for teaching staff members and students as well.

To facilitate the teaching processes, a copy library with low process are available.

To keep security, the college depends on two groups at the college gates; one group relates to the army while the other relates to the security company, in addition to the security eyes to keep the security of the college. To cope with the health emergency cases, the college provides a health center for both male and female students on campus for First Aids. As for surgery cases, the patients are sent to Al-Sadr Hospital for cure. A garage is available for the officials and students under the security control.

   The college has participated in serving the community; it has built a center for dentistry treatment with competitive prices, in addition to the artistic and sports activities. It is hoped that the college will be a great resource for the enrichment of science and knowledge, and a great support for the character, which is creative in science, faithful for homeland and successful in performance.

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