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Creation date: 2017

Number of stages: 5 years

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The College of Dentistry at Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences starts from a basic vision that aims to prepare a generation of qualified dentists in various specialties in order to enable them to fill the shortage in preparing doctors and provide treatment services to various segments of society in our dear homeland, and we also seek to provide an appropriate academic environment to prepare Dentists at a high level of competence in various dental specialties, enabling them to provide high-level treatment services comparable to the services provided in the most prestigious specialized centers in the field of dentistry.

That the dental department is one of the leading and reference departments at the local and international level in the field of teaching, research and community service.

Entrepreneurship and distinction as a professional educational institution that works to qualify and graduate a highly qualified national manpower to support the labor market and to be a main source of applied research in support of the economic process and participation in social care.

  • Promote the educational process in the department’s specializations to its highest levels, in order to reach the best standards in this aspect. Securing a high level of clinical training in the specialization of periodontal diseases and surgery and dental implant surgery, and securing a high level of field training in the specialty of community dentistry.
  • The development of the research aspect in the department so that the number of researches published in the refereed and world-leading journals in the field of the department’s specialization will be increased annually, and the effective participation and contribution in research chairs related to the department’s specializations will be increased.
  • Developing and activating the social service aspects in the department in a better and more comprehensive way so that the department enjoys the local leadership role in educating the community in all its segments and spectrums about oral and dental diseases and increasing regional and global participation in the field of community dental programs Activating the therapeutic and preventive role in the specialization of periodontics and community dentistry in addition to the awareness and educational role for children The community through the department’s specialized clinics.




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