Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques

Creation date: 2017

Number of stages: 4 years

About Department

The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques aims to prepare professional graduates specializing in satisfactory analyzes for the urgent need for this segment of graduates to supply the labor market with these cadres. The study extends for a period of four years, during which the student is subjected to studying all the techniques used in pathological analysis laboratories, as well as the advanced scientific background that qualifies the graduate to follow scientific and technical developments in his field of specialization where the student studies various curricula in the specialty of chemistry being one of the main knowledge in pathological analysis laboratories and Physiology, microbiology, parasites, pathology, immunology, genetics, molecular biology and other supporting sciences, which contribute effectively to preparing the graduate at the required level. The faculty has been reinforced with various laboratory devices, starting from the simplest equipment and ending with the complex and automatic devices on which the graduate will practice his profession and reinforce the theoretical side and scientific laboratories, which represent an important part of the technical education process, where the student practices laboratory experiments work alone under the supervision of competent teachers to ensure good performance.

The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques is considered one of the important departments within the medical group because of its effective role in providing cadres working in the field of pathological analyzes in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health and the private sector, in addition to the role of the department in supporting the scientific and research aspect by investing the role of teaching staff in supplying Scientific research

The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques was established according to the method of scientific development and its adoption of the basic structure on which the department relies for scientific development from a role actually in diagnosing and treating many disease cases. The department also works to open all knowledge and methodological horizons for the purpose of expanding and building linkages with the corresponding institutions and departments for the purpose of completing the diagnostic task that helps the beneficiary to obtain accuracy and speed in diagnosing disease cases. In addition to adopting the research approach for workers in the relevant sectors for the purpose of reaching a working methodology and ideas that serve the community and in general.

First – The department aims to prepare professional cadres specialized in the field of pathological analyzes, in addition to being familiar with all the tests of a laboratory analytical nature, so that the graduate, after passing the four years of study, can work in public and private health institutions.

Second – Creating specialized cadres able to keep pace with the scientific and technical development in the field of pathological diagnosis, depending on the results of pathological analysis

Third – Complete pathological diagnosis through merging with other health branches and departments

Fourth – Supplying the local market with expertise of a specialized nature in the health field in general and the laboratory field in particular

Fifthly – Emphasizing the accuracy of work and adopting correct results for correct results of the test results because of their effective role in diagnosing injuries and health diseases and thus help in treating them as soon as possible.

Sixth – Active contribution to scientific research by investing the department’s laboratories in helping professors and specialists to complete the research requirements for my science




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