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Specialized scientific departments that meet the needs of the labor market

College departments

The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques Objectives to prepare professional graduates specializing in satisfactory analyzes for the urgent need for this segment of graduates to supply the labor market with these cadres. The study extends for a period of four years, during which the student is subjected to studying all the techniques used in pathological analysis laboratories, as well as the advanced scientific background that qualifies the graduate to follow scientific and technical developments in his field of specialization where the student studies various curricula in the specialty of chemistry being one of the main knowledge in pathological analysis laboratories and Physiology, microbiology, parasites, pathology, immunology, genetics, molecular biology and other supporting sciences, which contribute effectively to preparing the graduate at the required level. The faculty has been reinforced with various laboratory devices, starting from the simplest equipment and ending with the complex and automatic devices on which the graduate will practice his profession and reinforce the theoretical side and scientific laboratories, which represent an important part of the technical education process, where the student practices laboratory experiments work alone under the supervision of competent teachers to ensure good performance.

The Department of Anesthesia is one of the recent departments which aims to graduate specific crews in the field of anesthetization techniques on operations theaters and in the central care units and recovery. The graduate is awarded with a title (medical technician/anesthesia). The graduate can participate in anesthetization and clinical observation, in addition to the operation of apparatus and looking for patients in medical theatres, central care units and recovery.

 The Department of Radiology and Sonar aims to graduate technical powers with efficiency to deal with the most complicated and developed techniques in the field of  radiology to get successful results so as to approach the various pathological cases and, in return, to prescribe the sufficient cure for those pathological cases.

Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences in Maysan, which the Ministry of Higher Education recognizes, is proud of its creation of the Department of Forensic Evidence, for the first time in Iraq, as one of the scientific colleges to provide our country with the expertise graduated from it by specialized professors with high experience to fill the shortage in this field in state institutions. Note that it is one of the departments of private scientific colleges covered by appointment and postgraduate studies.

Criminal evidence is called “Crime Scene Investigation” and is universally symbolized by CSI, abbreviated (crime scene investigation).

It is one of the departments of the college characterized by an academic, applied, scientific nature, established in 2017 with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and students from middle school graduates are accepted exclusively and for morning study only at distinct rates. The period of study in the department lasts 5 years and the graduate is granted a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Nursing is considered one of the important and vital specialties in society due to its connection with the health reality of the individual, family and society, the department aims to prepare and graduate highly efficient energies in the field of providing nursing services at the three levels (preventive, curative and rehabilitative) and possess advanced knowledge, skill and behavioral qualifications that enable them to provide comprehensive nursing care to the individual, family and society Conducting scientific research on health problems by providing academic educational programs based on insightful thinking, assuming responsibility, and teamwork.

       The Department of Dentistry at Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences has a basic vision which aims at preparing a generation of efficient dentists in various specifications that can cover the shortage in dentists’ numbers, in addition to the availability of treatment for society sectors in the native land. The Dentistry Department of Dentistry hopes to create the academic atmosphere to prepare highly efficient dentists in different dentistry fields that can offer medical treatment in the most developed dentistry centers.

The Artificial Kidney Department is one of the clinical medical departments concerned with training students on how to perform the artificial kidney dialysis process through a special device designed to replace the natural kidney, which is done by using intravenous solutions prepared for the dialysis process in order to remove toxic substances and excess water in addition to substances dissolved in the blood. For people who are unable to perform such functions normally, which is often called kidney failure.

It is one of the departments affiliated with Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences. It was established in the year 2023 after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research by the requirements of the labor market. Due to the availability of the human and material requirements required to establish the department at Al-Manara College under the title Department of Medical Physics, curricula were prepared that suit the scientific specialization of physics. Medical proposed introduction. This department has a clear vision of achieving a bright future in the field of applied sciences. It is considered one of the most important modern applied sciences that people have devoted their attention to to develop and improve the world around them. The department aims to provide everything the student needs from solid theoretical scientific curricula and practical applications to Its outputs to be compatible with the needs of the labor market and keep pace with scientific and technological developments in the field of laboratory techniques and medical devices that our contemporary world is witnessing, as well as to bring the graduate to the level required to contribute to advancing the wheel of development and playing his role in achieving comprehensive renaissance in all areas of work, raising performance efficiency and achieving comprehensive quality, as Applications in physics contribute to all aspects of our daily lives, including the medical field, diagnostic devices, radiography, physical therapy, audiology, optics, and the development of modern devices.

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