Dept. of Medical Physics

Creation date: 2023

Number of stages: 4 years

About the department

It is one of the departments affiliated with Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences. It was established in the year 2023 after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research by the requirements of the labor market. Due to the availability of the human and material requirements required to establish the department at Al-Manara College under the title Department of Medical Physics, curricula were prepared that suit the scientific specialization of physics. Medical proposed introduction. This department has a clear vision of achieving a bright future in the field of applied sciences. It is considered one of the most important modern applied sciences that people have devoted their attention to to develop and improve the world around them. The department aims to provide everything the student needs from solid theoretical scientific curricula and practical applications to Its outputs to be compatible with the needs of the labor market and keep pace with scientific and technological developments in the field of laboratory techniques and medical devices that our contemporary world is witnessing, as well as to bring the graduate to the level required to contribute to advancing the wheel of development and playing his role in achieving comprehensive renaissance in all areas of work, raising performance efficiency and achieving comprehensive quality, as Applications in physics contribute to all aspects of our daily lives, including the medical field, diagnostic devices, radiography, physical therapy, audiology, optics, and the development of modern devices.

The Department of Medical Physics seeks to build, rehabilitate and develop a specialized scientific department within Al-Manara College in accordance with local and international standards and to meet the labor market requirements of governmental and private institutions through the use and development of scientific and educational methods in a way that achieves leadership over similar departments in local and international universities. Leadership in education and scientific research to achieve Creativity and knowledge integration in various scientific specializations through openness and communication with health, research and educational institutions related to the department’s specialization.

The department seeks to provide the appropriate educational and academic environment to provide students with the necessary experience and skills to provide society with specialized competencies in medical physics and in the field of education and scientific research, as well as developing their scientific and practical capabilities. This mission is implemented through active participation between the department leadership, the faculty, students, and the labor market.

The Department of Medical Physics aims to achieve several goals, including the following:
Achieving leadership in education, learning, and scientific research to serve society.
Raising the level of graduates by achieving comprehensive quality standards.
Preparing advanced and innovative educational programs that qualify graduates to keep pace with the requirements of the knowledge society and the labor market.
Providing students with basic knowledge and skills in the field of medical physics and its various applications.
Encouraging scientific research and qualifying specialized scientific and professional cadres to contribute to conducting distinguished scientific and practical research




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