Department of Pharmacy

Creation date: 2017

Number of stages: 5 years

About Department

It is one of the departments of the college characterized by an academic, applied and scientific nature, established in 2017 with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and students from middle school graduates are accepted exclusively and for morning study only at distinct rates. The period of study in the department lasts 5 years and the graduate is granted a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sciences.

That the pharmacy department is one of the leading and reference departments at the local and global level in the fields of teaching, research and community service.

Preparing a generation of scientifically and professionally qualified pharmacists and researchers in the field of pharmacy through a distinct educational and research environment that is consistent with quality standards and meets the requirements of the labor market and contributes to solving the scientific and industrial problems facing society in the field of medicines

1. Graduate qualified pharmacists with advanced knowledge and experience to work in various health and pharmacy fields.

2. Preparing a pharmacist with high capabilities in identifying the difficulties and problems encountered at work

Professional and give him the ability to solve it with knowledge and research.

3. Meeting the needs of the government and private sectors and pharmaceutical factories with a Bachelor of Pharmacy

And masters and doctorates

4. Conducting academic and applied scientific research and motivating researchers and students to publish their research results in international refereed fields with a high impact factor.

5. Work to develop the department’s employees in the teaching and research fields by encouraging them to
Participating in national, regional and international conferences and establishing joint scientific cooperation with distinguished international universities.




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