Risk Prevention Committee in Laboratories and Chemical Warehouses Conducts Inspection Tour at Al-Manara College

The Committee for Risk Prevention in Chemical Laboratories and Warehouses conducted its inspection tour of scientific laboratories at Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences to examine methods of preservation and storage of chemicals and laboratory samples, including those containing radiation, and ensured the application of safety and safety requirements, including necessary procedures and indicative and warning marks. In addition, the delegation visited the College’s chemicals warehouses and commended the methods and procedures used in the use and storage of these substances, as well as the existence of a fire extinguishment system and the warehouse’s adherence to safety and safety requirements.

The Commission expressed its gratitude for the efforts made to implement all safety and safety standards and thanked and appreciated the Deanship of the Faculty for providing a safe working environment, as well as for the good reception and hospitality. The Committee continued to visit the faculties’ and institutes’ laboratories in our dear governorate.