Ministerial Committee in Charge of Checking Compliance Rules on Al-Manara College Visit

Continuing the role of the Scientific Supervisory and Evaluation Authority in promoting the scientific and academic activity of educational institutions in Iraq On Sunday, 22 April 2024, the Committee on Compliance Rules for Universities, Colleges and Private Institutes visited the Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences to verify its performance and ensure its compliance with the standards and norms in accordance with the Private Education Law No. 25 of 2016 on quantitative standards and standards for all requirements of public and private accreditation of private educational institutions.
During the visit, the College’s policies and procedures were discussed to ensure compliance and adherence to established standards. Reports and management documents have also been examined to ensure that they comply with legal requirements, starting with organizational performance, health and safety, financial aspect and standard ratios.
The Committee conducted its field tour in all the faculty’s departments and halls and scientific laboratories to see the readiness of laboratories in terms of the availability of hardware, materials, teaching and demonstration means, smart spots, visual projectors, surveillance cameras and safety procedures required in all halls and laboratories, as well as to visit departments, divisions and administrative units and to see and match records and files with the reality of the situation.
At the conclusion of the round, the Ministerial Committee appreciated the efforts made by the Dean of the Faculty, assistants, heads of departments and all employees.