Opening of the 5th Annual Charity Bazaar

On the occasion of the celebrations of International Women’s Day, and with pride and appreciation and sponsorship by the Dean of the College, Professor Faraj Mohammed Abdullah, who provided this unique event with a fertile ground for innovation and excellence. Under the auspices of the Division for Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation and in cooperation with the Division for Women’s Affairs, this fifth annual bazaar was launched from 9 to 13 March 2024, with the clear aim of supporting the promising energies and innovations in our society.

This event was not just an ordinary bazaar, it was an encouraging initiative to support talented and creative students among college students and governorates. It provided a platform to showcase and sell their products, with the aim of investing the financial return achieved, stimulating communication and empowering young people wishing to start their small projects.
With the launch of the bazaar amid a warm welcome from the scientific assistant, a glamorous tour of guests and participants took place in the hallways of events, where they observed the diversity and richness of the participants’ creations. From premium handmade products to great art paintings, scientific and cultural book exhibitions, and even luxury soap products, many shop owners and electronic pages participated to showcase their various innovations.
Participants were not confined to a particular category, but included more than 150 participants from men and women, making the event a real forum for brainstorming and promoting community bonds, reflecting positive interaction and clear support for emerging talent and entrepreneurs in the region.