Al-Manara College is distinguished and occupies the first position within the South Section in university debates

Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences continues its triumphs, successes and creations at all levels one day ago. It completed its conference in sustainable development on 18 February 2024, with the Misan departments and its university. Today, its symposiums set off for Basra Al-Fayha to compete for the southern sector.

The delegation of Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences arrived at 9 a.m.. The delegation delivered its statement indicating the importance of subjective skills and their role in building the Iraqi student in general and the Al-Manara College in particular. The college students’ team then entered his gourd to identify the team from the loyalist team, and then began an analog session that raged and intensified with the university team Dhu Qar, through which the students of the College of Lighthouse were distinguished by their notion and the strength of their arguments and refuted the arguments of the university team Edhi Qar. When the results were announced, the bottom rose to applause for the winner, who manifested himself to register a new victory for the Faculty of Lighthouse. The team leader of the Faculty of Lighthouse Medical Sciences was selected as the best symposium in the debates and announced the name of the Faculty and the student’s name on the board of honour in the hall. On this occasion, we affirm that the College continues its scientific, research, community and service activities in order to raise our College glue and great ethnicity.