Al Manarah College hosts a university debate program

Under the patronage of the Dean of Al-Manarah College of Medical Sciences, the college organized the University Debates program to coincide with the celebrations of our people on the occasion of the Brave Iraqi Army Day on January 6, 2024.

The program began with a workshop for all scientific departments attended by all nominated students and their trainers. This was followed by training workshops for conducting selection processes for elite students to represent their departments in the central tournament. The college then held its central conference with the participation of all its departments by selecting a number of scientific and social topics that reflect the trend in our current time and society. The teams were divided into supporting and opposing teams for each topic, and the competition intensified until the final stage, where the Dentistry Department achieved a well-deserved victory over the Pharmacy Department.

The Dean mentioned that such programs and events play a significant role in developing the self-skills of