A visit by students of the Pharmacy Department at Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences to one of the factories of the international pharmaceutical company Sanofi

Within the activities of the intensive specialized training program for students of the Department of Pharmacy at Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest. Today, September 25, 2023, students of the Pharmacy Department visited the Sanofi Pharmaceutical Factory in Hungary and learned about the pharmaceutical industries and medical supplies produced by one of the largest branches of the factory in Aruba. The students were introduced to modern technologies in the pharmaceutical industry and the stages of production of some medicines and medical supplies.
It should be noted that Sanofi, a French company with different global origins headquartered in Paris, France, occupied fifth place in 2013 among the largest companies selling medical prescriptions. The company was established under the name Sanofi-Aventis in 2004 after the merger of the two companies, Aventis and Sanofi-Sentillabo, which were originally established. After merging several other companies previously, it changed its name to Sanofi in March 2011. Iraq is one of the most important markets for importing this company’s products and medicines.