Summary of the activities of the first day of the training program for students of Al-Manara College at the Hungarian Semmelweis Medical University

Semmelweis Medical University received a delegation of students from the Manara College of Medical Sciences at the university’s presidential headquarters, which is one of the historical buildings of the university and the city and contains the university president’s office and the university’s Senate Hall. The delegation was received by the university president’s representative for international affairs and representatives of the College of Pharmacy and the College of Dentistry
The university gave a presentation to the students about the history of the university, its founding, its programs for undergraduate and graduate studies, laboratories and research centers, as well as the clinics and hospitals affiliated with the university. The university then presented a summary of the specialized training program that the students will receive during the next two weeks.
Then, students and professors of Al-Manara College participated in discussions and questions about the programs and activities of the host university. Dr. Vilmos Ivady, Special Advisor to the University President, Professor Bella Merkley, expressed his happiness at receiving the Al-Manara delegation and conveyed the greetings of the University President and its Senate to the delegation, expressing the beginning of achieving scientific and academic cooperation between the Almanara and Semmelweis university in a way that achieves the common goals included in the memorandum of understanding signed by Almanara College of Medical Sciences with Semmelweis Medical University in the middle of last year.