The student Benin Ahmed participates in the Abu Dhabi Book Fair

Under the supervision and guidance of the Board of Directors of the Manara College of Medical Sciences, The student Benin Ahmed from the Department of Dentistry participated in the activities of the Abu Dhabi Book Fair in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates. The student, Benin Ahmed, participated in the “Youth Circles” activity, which is an event that joins the sidelines of the exhibition, aiming to gather young people from several countries and discuss various contemporary issues.
It is worth noting that this year’s edition of the exhibition witnessed the participation of British writer Matt Ridley in a lecture on his latest book (How do innovations work?), which talks about changing the world and how to shape the future in the light of innovations, as well as the participation of Dr. Carissa Velez, an expert in technology ethics at the University of Oxford and the owner of the most books. selling.
The student’s participation comes within the direction of the college to work on developing and enriching the student’s scientific, academic, cultural and general culture, and graduating a generation armed with science and culture.