A high-ranking delegation from the Hungarian Semmelweis University visits Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences

Based on the principle of cooperation and openness to international universities adopted by the Manara College of Medical Sciences, and as part of the launch of the activation of the memorandum of understanding and scientific cooperation signed by the college with semmelweis university. A high-level delegation represented by the Vice-Chancellor of Semmelweis Medical University, the personal advisor of the Hungarian Prime Minister for health care affairs, and one of the members of the International Health Organization, Dr. “Vilmoush Avday” and his accompanying delegation, visits the Manara College of Medical Sciences to see the reality of the college, its scientific programs and departments, and to discuss ways of joint cooperation to develop education And scientific research, research and development in the medical fields, and benefit from European expertise in developing the health and educational sector in our dear province.
The delegation was received by the assistant dean for scientific affairs and the heads of the scientific departments in the college. He gave an overview of Al-Manara College and its constant endeavor to develop and open up to international universities, in a way that contributes to enhancing the academic reputation of the college, its status, and its scientific and academic classification.
After that, the scientific assistant toured the college’s corridors, clinics, laboratories, departments, and staff, where the delegation expressed great admiration for the college’s infrastructure, academic and scientific expertise, and advanced laboratories.

After that, the delegation presented a seminar about the university, its classification, programs, and areas of cooperation and development. In the presence of the Director General of Maysan Health, Dr. Ali Al-Alaq, and his accompanying delegation, Who expressed his welcome to the delegation and asked some questions and proposals that contribute to the development of the health sector in Maysan Governorate. The development and implementation of joint programs for cooperation were discussed, which included:

1. Supporting Al-Manara College in its efforts to establish a college of medicine and build a teaching hospital with international standards and local and European cadres.
2. Supporting joint scientific research between the researchers of the two universities
3. Developing curricula in line with the technological development in the health sector and at international standards
4. Obtaining international accreditation for the departments and programs of Al-Manara College
5. Exchanging students, training them and hosting them in specialized programs to be held in Hungary
6. Facilitating the admission of faculty members and graduates of Al-Manara College to postgraduate programs at the Hungarian University
7. Establish programs dedicated to awarding specialized certificates to students, faculty members, and health care professionals from the Maysan Health Department, in a way that meets the needs of the Maysan community and keeps pace with technological development, especially in the fields of oral and dental surgery, pharmacy, cardiovascular medicine and surgery, and programs to develop the management of health institutions and others.

It is noteworthy that Semmelweis University is one of the oldest international universities that occupies the highest and first ranks in global rankings and has more than 8 branches in the European Union countries and owns more than 20 hospitals and health care institutions that provide services in Hungary, Germany, Lithuania and Slovakia, as well as being a key partner for the World Health Organization to develop Health care in developing countries.