The launch of the third stage (the stage of locking options) to apply to private universities and colleges

The Private University Education Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has launched the third phase of applying to private universities and colleges. As the student will be able to lock his options for the private universities and colleges he wishes to apply to, The student has the right to lock four options through the general admission channel and two options for the private admission channels.

In this regard, the Deanship of Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences sent a notice to the students, I mentioned in it:

Our dear students, the numbers currently shown in the preview are not actual numbers; Because the names mentioned in the list of accepted and reserve are one of the following options:
1- Applicants for parallel admission and awaiting admissions, They applied to private colleges only to ensure their acceptance; In the event of acceptance, their names are removed from the inspection, and the same applies to applicants for the free scholarship.

2- Applicants on more than one channel: (the general channel, the martyrs’ families channel, and the professors’ sons channel), and they submitted that to ensure their acceptance only.
3- Each student applied for four options, and if he is accepted in the required college, the other three options will be deleted.
According to the aforementioned ، Sequences are currently in ascending order, ending on Saturday ، after which the registration period begins; It is the period during which the student can choose the accepted departments.

The numbers become descending .

For example: (from 300 to 75), as well as rotating the proportions between scientific and biology seats, will be reduced to more than (20) seats belonging to biology, and they will be invested by reserve students.
The aforementioned explanation shows the movement of the sequences that will occur during the registration period, which begins tomorrow, Saturday, November 19, 2022.
During the registration period, the idea of ​​those who are accepted and reserve will be cancelled. And they will all be in one list.
Therefore, we invite you to follow your sequences constantly and review the registration section to close your options.
We wish all of our students success.

Note that the registration department in the college is available daily from 8:00 in the morning until 5 in the evening.
For more information and inquiries, please contact us at:
( 6671 )