Al-Manara Center for Continuing Education and Training Obtains ISO 14001 Certification

Al-Manara Center for Continuing Education and Training at Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences in Maysan obtained the ISO 14001 for the year 2015 certificate of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, as a result of the application of international quality standards represented in reducing the use of natural resources and reducing damage to soil, water and air. As well as monitoring and continuous improvement of environmental performance through compliance with the conditions specified in the relevant legislation and laws with regard to environmental factors.

The application of this standard by the college has many benefits, including:

Improving performance in environmental management, which helps reduce damage.
The application of this standard greatly reduces the expenses that are not a priority.
Institutions working with this specification and complying with it increases the organization’s ability to expand its business.
Increases the company’s chances of getting permanent customers.
The application of this specification works on the organization’s ability to adapt to the variables of the work environment with great confidence, which increases its effectiveness and influence in the global market.
The new version of the ISO 14001 system also provides an effective environmental management system that meets the requirements of the modern era with all its developments.