Al-Manara College adopt the training program characterized by the practical application of safety courses

Under the slogan of applying community standards to a humanitarian, legal and ethical responsibility, and in application of the standards of the productive university, in solidarity with the great embrace of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences for quality and safety standards, and as a contribution from the college in supporting awareness of chemical and biological safety and security standards, Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences, in cooperation with the Maysan Health Department Incubating the training and development program in occupational safety, biological and chemical security characterized by the practical application of safety courses and its role in preserving human and material resources.

The college president indicated that the program included three courses related to chemical and biological safety and security, namely:

  • Safety inspector training course in biological and chemical security according to specification 18001 for the period 23-27 -5-2021.
  • A course in first aid on Wednesday and Thursday for the period from 26-27 -5-2021.
  • A course in civil defense, field practices and emergencies, on Saturday and Sunday for the period from 29-30 -5-2021.