Discussion of graduation researches for Nursing College at Al- Manara University (first batch)

With a very specific, unique move، and by God’s blessing, on Saturday, June 1, 2024, the graduation papers of Nursing College at Al- Manara University, for fourth stage were discussed, and thus the first batch was graduated.
Four committees were formed in four halls, and the committees have included the best nursing professors in Maysan Governorate, as follows:
From the College of Nursing, University of Maysan, was represented by Assit. Prof. Dr. Aqeel Aziz and Assit. Prof. Dr. Thani Asmar. And Prof. Dr. Mazhar Khalif Hassouni from Al-Manara University. From the Medical Technical Institute, head of the nursing department, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abbar. And the professors of the Higher Health Institute, represented by its Dean, Prof. Dr. Saad Badr Abbas, Prof. Dr. Tahseen Ali Hussein and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Lilo Saadoun. The committees also included the Manager of the Training and Development Division at the Maysan Health Department, Prof. Ali Aanid Abdul Hussein and Prof. Rasoul Abdul Zahra Munkhi from the Heart Center.
20 nursing research papers were discussed, covering several topics that address health and developmental problems, as well as identifying weaknesses in the knowledge and practices of nursing staff for the purpose of making recommendations that would train and qualify staff and keep them in line with modern methods of nursing services.