The Department of Renal Dialysis Technologies has organized a visit to Al-Sadr General Hospital

Yesterday, Wednesday, May 29, 2024, students of the Renal Dialysis Department at Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences has visited Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital in Maysan . The students has visited the Renal Dialysis Department, because it is within the framework of the training program for the department’s requirements. The visit aims to enhance the students’ practical understanding of dialysis operations and the care of patients with kidney failure.
The visit program included introductory tours of the various departments of the Dialysis Unit, and the hospital’s medical team provided a detailed explanation about the techniques and devices that used in dialysis operations. The students also participated in watching closely the medical procedures , and this gave them the opportunity to apply what was studied theoretically in a practical environment.
The students were accompanied by a group of supervising professors, who showed great interest in providing enriched educational opportunities for their students. The students expressed their thanks and gratitude to the hospital administration and the medical team for the support and valuable information they received, which will contribute to enhancing their professional skills and capabilities in the future.