Delegation from Misan Health Department to visit Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences

Based on the principle of cooperation between Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences and government institutions, The Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division of the College received a delegation from the Misan Health Department, Headed by Dr. Ali Nimah Al-Nouri, Director of Public Health Department, And Director, Systems and Programmes Division, Dr. Samah Abdul Hamid Majid, And the Director of the Health Promotion Division, Dr. Mithaq Shamkhi Jabr, a pharmacist , And Dr. Hussein is a representative of the Immunization Division.
During the visit, a plan was drawn up to motivate students and employees to take doses of approved vaccines, namely tetanus vaccine, diphtheria vaccine, influenza vaccine, meningitis vaccine and viral hepatitis vaccine, according to the directives of the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The delegation expressed thanks and gratitude for the warm reception and cooperation. The visit also discussed ways to intensify the exchange of awareness and educational visits, as well as scientific visits to train students and help them understand more details and information about immunizing themselves from diseases, given their work in the field of health and hospitals