Al-Manara College participates in the celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week

Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences participated in the celebration held on the occasion of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the first day of which sessions were held in the Knowledge Hall in the College of Basic Education at the University of Maysan. The Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division at Al-Manara College presented the various activities provided by the college in the presence of the ministerial committees that arrived in the governorate.

Today, the college received the ministerial committee composed of Lecturer Shaima Ali Hussein, Lecturer Israa Khalil Majeed, and Dr. Ibrahim Amer Hamid, and I looked at the corridors of Al-Manara College, its infrastructure, and the academic transformation and expansion it is witnessing.

It is worth noting that Al-Manara College will host the upcoming sessions of the World Entrepreneurship Week in the Conferences and Celebrations Hall, starting tomorrow