Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences participates in the Scientific Research Forum at the University of Sharjah

Under the guidance and supervision of the Board of Directors of the Manara College of Medical Sciences and the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Faraj Muhammad Abdullah, The student, Benin Ahmed Ramadan, in the Department of Dentistry, participated in the second stage in the 15th Annual Scientific Research Forum, which is held under the slogan “Effective Societal Partnership for Impactful Sustainable Research”, which is held at the University of Sharjah and in cooperation with the Sharjah Islamic Bank, whose activities began on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, where she represented The student, Al-Manara College, made a scientific discovery titled “Resistance Lamps”.

The student met with a group of her fellow students and researchers participating in the forum, and made a presentation in front of the participants, in which she noted the college’s vision in the process of developing scientific research for students and how to develop their skills and participation inside and outside Iraq.

The forum aims to shed light on the most prominent outputs, results and recommendations of scientific research that have been accomplished after strenuous efforts made by research teams and groups affiliated with the Research Institute for Medical and Health Sciences. and research institute for science and engineering, and Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, In cooperation with institutions and departments in the public and private sectors.

The activities of the Scientific Research Forum in its current version come to enhance the vision of the University of Sharjah, which is embodied in accordance with the approach of its strategic plan and with a relentless and relentless pursuit in order to produce effective and sustainable scientific research, as it is an inevitable necessity and an essential tool in achieving comprehensive and sustainable social and economic development and an active element in overcoming the challenges and problems facing humanity as a whole.