Announcing vacancies for holders of postgraduate degrees

Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences announces the need for teachers in the disciplines listed below (PhD – Masters) , Note that application is only for non-employees, retirees and those on leave for a period of five years.

Required specialties :

  1. dentistry .
  2. Pharmacist. Those who have been licensed for a period of five years
  3. Radiology and sonar – radiology and sonar techniques.
  4. Anesthesiology – anesthesia techniques.
  5. Life Sciences – Chemistry Sciences – Physics Sciences.
  6. Optics techniques.
  7. Medical physics (exclusively).
  8. English language .

For the purpose of applying, please see the Deanship of the College or correspond with the College via e-mail “”

  • Required attachments :
  • Personal documents + a personal photo.
  • The university order to grant the certificate and the order to grant the scientific title.
  • Teaching methods and validity test course.
  • Retirement order in the case of retirees with ID.
  • CV of the applicant .