Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences in Maysan achieves a new scientific achievement

Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences in Maysan has achieved, for the first time since its establishment, a great scientific achievement by entering the world rankings (THE-Times Higher Education Ranking) after it was previously classified within the same classification (British Times) for the Sustainable Development Goals (World Impact Ranking).

The college entered the above classification as (Reporter). Because the college is one of the emerging colleges and does not have a large number of research that is required for the purpose of obtaining advanced positions among the participating Arab, regional and international universities from (99) countries.
Note that the sequence of Iraqi universities included in the classification was as follows:

1- University of Babylon (601-800).
2- University of Technology (801 – 1000).
3- Anbar University (1001 – 1200).
4- University of Baghdad (+1501).
5- University of Basra (+1501).
6- Kufa University (+1501).
7- Mosul University (+1501).
8- Al-Mustansiriya University (+1501).

As for the rest of the universities, all of them obtained initial entry, as follows:
9- Ahl al-Bayt University.
10- Al Ain University.
11- Al-Farabi University.
12- Al-Farahidi University.
13- Al-Hamdaniya University.
14- Al-Kitab University.
15- Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences in Maysan.
16- Future College of the University.
17- University of Al-Muthanna.
18- Al-Nahrain University.
19- Al-Noor University College.
20- Ashur University College.
21- Basra University of Science and Technology.
22- The Catholic University of Erbil.
23- Tigris University.
24- University of Diyala.
25- University of Dohuk.
26- Hawler Medical University.
27- University of Human Development (Sulaimaniya).
28- The Islamic University.
29- Jaber Ibn Hayyan Medical University.
30- Karbala University.
31- Kirkuk University.
32- Central Technical University.
33- University of Maysan.
34- Nevin University.
35- Northern Technical University.
36- Salahaddin University.
37- Soran University.
38- Afar University.
39- Tikrit University.

On this occasion, the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Faraj Muhammad Abdullah, said: “This great achievement is only the beginning of making the college compete with the top Iraqi, regional and international universities, which are referred to as the best, As this classification reflects a good and prestigious academic reputation for the researchers and teaching staff of the college” .
The Dean of the College also praised the efforts of the teaching staff, researchers, and all the college cadres, and all the efforts made by the relevant committees in achieving this academic achievement. 

To view the college center within the above-mentioned classification, click on the following link: