Announcement of vacancies

Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences announces its need for teaching staff in the disciplines listed below (PhD – MA), preferably with scientific titles.

Required competencies:
1. Dentistry of all specialties
2. Pharmacy / Pharmaceutics + Pharmaceutical Chemistry + Clinical Pharmacy
3. Radiology and Ultrasound – Radiology and Ultrasound Techniques
4. Anesthesiology – Anesthesia techniques
5. Master’s degree in general nursing

The application shall be in the building of the Deanship of the College or correspondence with the College by e-mail

Required attachments:
Personal documents + a personal photo
The university order to grant the certificate and the order to grant the scientific title
Teaching methods and validity test course
An order to refer to retirement in the case of retired people with ID.
CV of the applicant

For more inquiries, call 07706752539