Opening of the exhibition "Dental Students' Hobbies Related to Medical Education"

Under the patronage of the Dean of Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences, Prof. Dr. Faraj Mohammad Abdullah, And the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs, Professor Dr. Ali Al-Tai, Under the direct supervision of Dr. Abdul-Qader Tahan, the faculty member. 

On Monday, May 16, 2022, the Department of Dentistry opened the exhibition “Dental Students’ Hobbies Related to Medical Education” Which included dozens of works for college students and for various stages, especially students of the fourth stage. The supervisor of the exhibition stated that most of the participating works were wires, through which the students made works of art as a useful hobby, to train hands, and acquire special skills for dealing with wires. Where students are trained in orthodontics to deal with orthodontic wires to make orthodontic devices.

Tahan also mentioned the participation of some students in the work of carving teeth from soap. He noted the selection of the best works in order to honor them with certificates of appreciation for their efforts and in support of their talents.

The exhibition was welcomed by the Dean of the College and its students.