Announcing the university festival for the short film

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Academic Supervision and Evaluation Authority / Student Activities Department announces the holding of the university festival for the short film (male and female) for the second academic semester 2021-2022 according to the conditions and controls listed below. All students wishing to participate should communicate with the Activities and Media Division in the college through the activities officials in each department, as soon as possible, to explain the competition mechanism and the terms of submission.

Festival terms and conditions:

  1. The posts should be represented and directed by the students.
  2. The participating films should be implemented at the university and produced by them or the students’ productions, and address one of the specific topics as follows: (respect for others, cooperation, volunteer work, bullying) an aesthetic treatment far from offending the other.
  3. The film’s production date is recent and does not exceed the current school year and has not participated in any previous festival or competition or published on YouTube.
  4. Each university participates with a delegation of (2-3) students who are actually participating in the film, in addition to the head of the delegation and those with him.
  5. Every university or private college has the right to participate in one or three films as a maximum, provided that its duration does not exceed five minutes as a maximum.
  6. The presentation is recorded on a CD or a flash memory (with high clarity and clarity) and sent in two copies and in a closed envelope, the first copy to the Student Activities Department in the Ministry’s Office, and the second to the host university (the participation must be sent to the (Ministerial Technical Committee) electronically for the purpose of sending it to the technical and arbitration committees and verifying the its safety and suitability for display in accordance with the above instructions).
  7. Entries arrive at least ten days before the festival date, to assess its validity for display and competition for the winning positions.
  8. Include the title of the film, the university, the year and the names of the students who participated in it.
  9. All entries received during or shortly before the festival are not subject to evaluation and presentation.
  10. Films that do not comply with the above instructions are excluded.