The college donated a set of wheelchairs to the Maysan Health Department

Community service is one of the most important functions of Iraqi colleges and universities and among the most important standards of institutional accreditation, which Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences is striving to achieve By providing a range of distinguished services that allow serving the people of Maysan Governorate.

Based on this principle, Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences took the initiative to donate a set of wheelchairs for the disabled to the Maysan Health Department, because the college is entrusted with one of the rights of the Iraqi people, which is education and development, and we are determined to shed light on these activities and provide other services through which the goals are achieved. The high school that the college adopts as one of the important educational institutions in the province of Maysan ، These services are considered one of the most important criteria for evaluating the college administration.