Integrated Training Program in Good Laboratory Practices GLP

Believing in the importance of improving plans, programs and events to rise in the international and local classifications, Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences has resorted to elements of its scientific cadres with distinguished experience who have previously worked with quality systems in order to train the rest of the college’s cadres, and because it is a new college, it must focus on basic rules The quality of the prepared objectives, the quality of measurement tools, the quality of the faculty members, the quality of scientific research, the quality of laboratories and those in charge of them, ensures that the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division and the Continuing Education Center have adopted an integrated training program in GLP Good Laboratory Practices, according to the terms and standards of international laboratories specifications.
The training program aims to prepare distinguished cadres for us to achieve the college’s mission by graduating qualified cadres in line with the requirements of the labor market and able to engage in the medical educational experience at Al-Manara College.
.. The training program lasts for a month and under the training of the quality expert Assit. Prof. Dr. Abdul Khaleq Fawzi Hammoud, Quality and Reliability Consultant and Head of the Internal Audit Committees.