Announcement of participation in the University Poetry Festival

Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences announces the opening of applications for the University Poetry Festival, which is held by the Student Activities Department in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, according to the following conditions:

First: General instructions and controls:

Participation is open to both sexes of students (males and females).
Entries shall be sent with the full name, department name, phone number and e-mail along with a personal photo of the participant with the poetic text (printed).
The contestant is entitled to participate with one poem only.
The poem must not be participating in any competition, and must not be published in paper or electronically.
The poem should not touch any belief or religion.
The text must be appropriate, literary, purposeful, and free from defamation.
The poem should not be less than ten lines and not more than eighteen lines.
The time for reciting the poem shall not exceed ten minutes.
The poem must be the product of the poet himself.
Participation in the competition is for poems written in classical Arabic for poetry (vertical, free poetry and prose poem).
The committee sets conditions for arbitration of the text to a specific degree distributed according to the evaluation bases set forth in third.
Poems that do not adhere to the artistic standards of vertical and free poetry and the prose poem are excluded.
The best eight poems participating in the festival will be selected.
In the event of equal level between two poets, the prize is divided between the two.
Invitation to the winners to recite their poems at the end of the festival.
Second: The permissible subject of the poem must be in the following areas:

My patriot glorifies the history of Iraq, its army, the police and the popular crowd and their victories.
Concerning human and social issues.
Renouncing violence, extremism and terrorism and spreading the message of love and peace.
Third: The evaluation of the text is subject to the following bases:

Second: The seas and weights of the poem.
Language integrity.
The subject of the poem and the unit of the text.
Effective presence and literary boldness of the poet through the presentation on the podium.
Third: the poetic image.
The content of the text and the nature of the topic.
Students wishing to participate should send entries to the college’s e-mail no later than tomorrow, Sunday, November 07, 2021 at twelve noon.