Announcement of job vacancies

Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences announces its need for the specialties listed below
First: PhD – MA in the following specializations:
1. Dentistry of all specialties
2. Pharmacy / Pharmaceutics + Clinical Pharmacy + Pharmacology
3. Radiology and Ultrasound – Radiology and Ultrasound Techniques
4. Anesthesiology – Anesthesia techniques
5. Pathology
6. Anatomy
7. Social Researcher No. 1 (Master of Psychological Sciences or Educational Counseling)
8. Statistician No. 1 (Masters: Administration and Economics / Statistics)

Second: Bachelor’s degree (General Medicine + Pharmacy + Dentistry) from the first three exclusively
The application shall be in the building of the Deanship of the College or correspondence via e-mail

Priorities required to apply:
– Personal documents with a photo.
– The university order for granting the certificate to graduates of Iraqi universities, or the certificate equivalency book for graduates of universities outside Iraq.
– University order regarding retirement with ID (if the applicant is retired).
– The university order to grant academic promotion to its holders.
– CV of the applicant.
– Application Request .

For more inquiries, call 07706752539