Held a workshop about modern concepts in endodontic treatment

The Continuing Education and Training Center and the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division at Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences held a scientific lecture entitled (The Modern Concepts In Endodontic Treatment) on Tuesday August 24, 2021. It was delivered by Dr. Wael Nabil Lutfi, a teacher in the Department of Dentistry, knowing that the lecture was electronic via the FCC platform, and was attended by a number of teachers and specialists in the field of scientific research.

The lecture dealt with identifying the presence of many errors during endodontic treatment procedures due to the dentist’s failure to perform this treatment in compliance with scientific protocols, and this could be the result of a lack of some information related to the steps of performing this treatment in an ideal manner, and the increase in the doctor’s knowledge of modern techniques and materials In this area would increase the success rate of this type of treatments.
Therefore, this lecture highlighted the most important concepts, techniques and modern materials to obtain the best results in this treatment.

One of the most important objectives of the lecture was to increase the dentist’s knowledge of the correct steps in Endodontic treatment, as well as increase the doctor’s knowledge of some factors that would increase the failure rate of Endodontic treatment and try to correct them, in addition to introducing the dentist to some modern devices and materials to start using them and developing a method Work in the clinic.