The ministerial team for education, represented by Dr. Salah Al-Fatlawi, visits Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences online. He reviewed the progress of the attendance and electronic examination procedures in the departments of the college

On Thursday, July 29, 2021. Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences received the ministerial team to supervise the examination system to review the progress of the procedures and final exams, in person and electronically, that are currently taking place . Under the direct supervision of the Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Faraj Mohammad Abdullah, and the Scientific Associate Professor Dr. Ali Obaid Al-Taie

The ministerial team was also briefed directly through the cameras on the measures taken by the college in advance of preparing the exam halls, announcing the schedules on the website, the formation of electronic exam committees and student distribution maps within the halls and electronic platforms, as well as following up on the preventive and health measures followed by the college.