Bologna Process

Bologna Process

What is Bologna?
The Bologna process is an intergovernmental cooperation between 48 European countries in the field of higher education. Its direction is the joint work of government bodies, universities, teachers and students, as well as associations, stakeholders, employers, quality assurance agencies and international organizations and institutions, including the European Commission, to improve and sustain higher education.
The project’s main objectives are:
– Transition to a three-level education system (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD)
– Enhanced quality control
– Easy to identify study periods and qualifications

Why is the Bologna project needed?
The existence of widely different educational and training systems in Europe makes it difficult for Europeans to use their qualifications to apply for work or a training programme in a European country other than their own. Increasing compatibility between education systems facilitates the mobility of students and job seekers within Europe. At the same time, the Bologna project helps make European universities more competitive and attractive to the rest of the world. The Bologna project also supports the modernization of education and training systems to meet the needs of the changing labour market. This becomes more important while increasing the proportion of highly skilled jobs and increasing the demand for innovation and entrepreneurship.

What has been done so far?
Significant progress was made in implementing the reforms, as indicated in regular reports, in May 2018, education ministers met in Paris and adopted a statement of their priorities for the coming years.
The Paris Declaration summarizes the joint vision of 48 ministers of Europe’s most ambitious higher education area after 2020 as follows:
– A comprehensive and innovative approach to education and training;
– Integrated international cooperation in higher education, research and innovation;
– Ensuring a sustainable future on our planet through higher education.

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